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Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center

Following a successful previous partnership, the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center approached Lorem Ipsum with a new challenge — to reimagine a section of its permanent exhibit dedicated to the experiences of the Soviet Jews from 1945 through the late 1960s.

“One of the most expressive and honest museum exhibitions dedicated to the story of the mass repressions in the USSR”


“Jewish Life in the Post-War Soviet Union” pulls visitors into the life of Soviet Jews and the transformation of their communities after World War II, revealing their multi-faceted story during an era of great repression, during the anti-Semitic campaigns of late Stalinism.

Lorem Ipsum designed and constructed a replica of a KGB prison cell in Lubyanka within the exhibition, an experience accompanied by audio recollections of the prisoners’ memories whilst in the cell.

Our team of architects, designers, writers, animators, and technologists set out to create a cohesive visitor journey by building a series of narratives that tell the stories of important moments throughout the period. We married modern museum technology with immersive media environments, and recreated period-specific spaces to deliver an effective educational experience.

A visual memorial dedicated to the millions of Jews that were killed by Stalin in the Gulag. A quote accompanying the installation by the writer Sholem Aleichem reads, “Each star is a human soul” as names of the fallen appear in the night sky.

Since the opening, the exhibition has been described as “showing the latest developments in museum technologies” by TASS.

The installation also received the Fiddler on the Roof award by The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FJCR), which recognizes outstanding achievement for contributing to the social and cultural life of the country.

Yan Vizinberg, a partner at Lorem Ipsum, accepts the Fiddler on the Roof award for the company’s work on the project.

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Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center


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