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Regional Airports

In anticipation of the 2018 World Cup, many infrastructure projects were initiated in Russia, including the construction of a new airport in Rostov-On-Don. The 530,000-square-foot facility, the largest airport built in Europe in 20 years, was named Platov International Airport after the Cossack leader, Count Matvei Ivanovich Platov, the military general who commanded the Don Cossacks in the Napoleonic Wars.

Lorem Ipsum captured the spirit of Count Platov and the Don Cossacks across various different experiential and interactive installations at the new airport through cutting-edge technology, imaginative artwork, and high-end video production.

“A thoughtful, tech-forward exhibition”


A 360 degree wrap-around screen with over 10,000 pixels tells the story of the Cossack spirit.

The exhibition’s centerpiece is a giant cylindrical installation, lined with multiple LED displays that create a continuous screen on the interior. Tilted, with one edge almost touching the floor and the other more than eight feet off the ground, it draws visitors into viewing a short film—shot with a drone in 8K resolution—that depicts a day in the life of a Cossack three centuries ago. Visuals of galloping horses and endless plains, captured from a flight along the river Don, are augmented by audio from 16 speakers mounted around the top of the cylinder for a fully immersive experience.

The section of the airport where the installation lived was deconstructed and reconstructed in order to house the cylindrical structure.
The installation is at a crucial juncture within the airport, where travelers can get an impression of the river with a glance or enjoy the entire film on their journey to their next stop.

We aimed to combine technological structures with significant content to create something that travelers feel compelled to share. Our film-making background and ability to portray a succinct narrative not only allowed us to capture the airport passenger’s attention but also enabled us to educate and create a memorable experience.

Since its opening in 2018, the exhibit has received multiple awards, including three German Design Awards for 2020, with a Gold Award in the Excellent Architecture and Exhibition category.

History of the Cossacks in 3D

Conceived, designed, programmed, and built by Lorem Ipsum, the large-scale, two-part interactive is centered on the Cossacks’ historical garments. The first is a 3D rendering of the Cossacks’ clothing, which showcases how their uniforms developed over time. The second, an interface where visitors can virtually “try-on” outfits from various eras using their own photos.

Our team drew inspiration from 18th and 19th-century paintings of Cossacks and partnered with local historians to maintain the authenticity of every detail.
We created 3D body scans and then rigged them to create life-like versions of the warriors.
Combining the past with the present, passengers are encouraged to take a photo and swap their faces onto a Cossack using a touchscreen mounted alongside the display. They can share the experience with friends and family via their smart device.
Battle of Borodino

The “Battle of Borodino,” a 24-foot-long painting derived and reimagined from a series of 19-century artworks, depicts the deadliest day of the Napoleonic Wars between the Cossacks and the French. The work of art is arresting at first glance and visually springs into life when seen through a pair of VR viewfinders that animate various characters within the scene.

Our team scoured hundreds of historical images, and meticulously combined the selection of images to create the immense painting of the historic battle.
The VR viewfinders provided further visual depth to the painting, bringing parts of the artwork to life.
An excerpt from the animated experience, providing the viewer with a first-hand look of how it feels to be in the midst of battle.

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