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Yamalo — Nenets Autonomous Region

Warmth —  it permeates all forms of life, and serves as the central theme of our exhibition, The Warmth of Yamal. The exhibit addresses the past, present, and future of the industry, ecology, ethnography, and local culture of the indigenous people and landscape of the Yamal Peninsula in the Arctic.

The environment is dark, punctuated by shimmering stars overhead and the illuminated spheres that act as beacons of light. Using large-scale mixed-media models, multimedia programs, and physical and digital interactives, the exhibit narrative flows one into another, immersing visitors in a vivid, multi-layered, and informative story of the region. 

The inspiration for the design was the snow globe, a universally beloved object that symbolizes magic, memories, and promise. Each story is encased in its own sphere, and collectively, they present a multifaceted portrait of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug over the past 90 years.

“We had to unite different aspects of the Yamal Peninsula into a single story that had to be compelling.”

-Yan Vizinberg, Partner

The first zone is devoted to the oil and gas industry – from the formation of Yamal gas to the methods of its transportation and use throughout the world. This zone has one of the largest globes titled, “In Search of Treasures,” pictured above, which explains the Earth’s underground layers and the drilling of gas wells in the area. The visually stunning globe is one of the heaviest in the exhibition and weighs over 270 kg.

The second zone is dedicated to the rapid development of the transportation infrastructure in the region. The exhibit, “Everything is Connected”, showcases the region’s transportation network, a detailed landscape of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug with over a hundred infrastructure elements that are recreated using 3D-laser cutting machines and the work of over a dozen miniature artists.

The next zone is dedicated to the ecology of the Arctic region and the protection of the environment. From charting the trails of local polar bears to commemorating the balance of nature and industrialization these globes focus on the ecological sustainability important to the area.

The fourth zone celebrates culture, showcasing the ancient traditions of the indigenous people of Yamal and the symbiosis of ancient customs and modern technologies. The past 90 years have provided indigenous peoples with writing and recording technologies and the world with the opportunity to hear the unique voices of local Yamal poets, writers, musicians, and artists.

Various 3D printing technologies were used to create the exhibits. These deer antlers were printed using the largest 3D printer in Europe with eco-friendly materials, and hand-painted elements were added to reflect the local traditions. 
The “Sounds of the North” exhibit allows the visitor to select a song from history and hear it play from the radio, exposing guests to local music from the past 90 years.
A visitor explores the “Yamal in Focus” interactive.

The final zone represents the Yamal regions’ relationship to the rest of the world through various media experiences and interactives. Showcasing the work of documentary filmmakers and journalists, reflecting how far and wide the story of Yamal has reached.

The combination of state-of-the-art 4K projectors and ultra-wide angle lenses provided a sensational viewing experience within the globes. All the media programs throughout the exhibition use a custom-fabricated screen. The fabric obscures the spot of light that usually occurs with rear projection.
In the final zone, visitors can take a photo against the background of the Yamal northern lights, as if you were personally inside a snow globe. This way, visitors can create a wonderful memory of their visit to The Warmth of Yamal.

Each object in the exhibition was concepted, designed, and built by Lorem Ipsum. Our multidisciplinary team handled this job from concept all the way to realization, ensuring the creative intent was executed. Overall, the dramatic yet intimate effect of the exhibit springs to life like a magic wonderland. When designing the exhibition, we aimed to create an immersive visitor experience that educated and entertained the residents and tourists and represented the warmth of not only the region, but also of the people. 

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