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To stand out from the barrage of traditional tools flooding the Google sales team on a daily basis, Lorem Ipsum conceived and developed The Google Experience, an in-office experiential installation aimed to provide a new way to discover the features and benefits of Google’s latest advertising products in an engaging and entertaining way.

Production took place over five days at YouTube Studios in New York, Los Angeles, and London, with YouTube’s biggest stars. Creating content capturing the passion of each Creator was essential to the success of the immersive experience. The immersive experience showcased Creators like Laura Vitale, MatPat, and The Young Turks, who playfully explained why they love what they do on YouTube.

We created an immersive theater shaped in Google’s “G” logo that optimally positions the user to enjoy the presentation on 200-degree wraparound screens that immersed their peripheral vision.

We installed the experience in the heart of Google’s NYC office, where thousands of employees had the opportunity to interact with it on a daily basis. The single-user installation envelops the viewer into the world of YouTube via 200-degree wraparound screens and provides an intimate introduction allowing to gain a deeper understanding of why brands would want to advertise on YouTube.

After a successful NYC launch, the program was created in various languages, and scaled up across the globe. The installation traveled Google offices from San Francisco to London and Hamburg, educating and entertaining thousands of Googlers. Lorem Ipsum then expanded the success by creating a VR experience based on the installation, which plays on Google Cardboard.

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