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Seiko USA

How do you introduce an iconic watch brand born in 1881, to the U.S. world of e-commerce in 2019?  Lorem Ipsum identified the challenges introducing Seiko Watch of America LLC to the competitive landscape of e-commerce. From pre-launch preparation such as logistics, fulfillment, software integration, and design, to post-launch procedures that would need to be implemented to ensure Seiko’s national e-commerce success – the agency’s global team of experienced developers, e-commerce specialists, and creatives were prepared for the challenge.



Direct online sales were a first for the company, whose original website formerly served as an educational tool rather than a sales opportunity. In just 16 weeks, Lorem Ipsum transformed SeikoUSA.com from a product-showcase website to an intuitive shopping destination.



Lorem Ipsum took the existing website, absent of sales or software integration capabilities, and built a sales-driven site.  We not only provided the website with new and significant technical enhancements but also told the brand story with new and improved user experiences across all devices. Our focus on creating a 1-click to product experience from the homepage established a clear customer journey and was a basis for success.



The agency also built a one-of-a-kind “Shop Social” function— a fully customized, Seiko-specific feature that pairs products with recent social media posts. This feature allows visitors to not only see the specifics of the product but also browse more lifestyle shots of the product. 

With Lorem Ipsum leading the strategy, design, development, and marketing of Seiko’s new e-commerce website, sales exceeded all first-year targets.

We are storytellers. And by having extensive knowledge of the digital landscape and a deep understanding of the rich history of the Seiko brand, Lorem Ipsum was able to launch seikousa.com successfully and continues to manage the website through 2020.

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