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Lorem Ipsum is an experience design agency with over 20 years of storytelling through physical, digital, and experiential projects to deliver dynamic and connected experiences.

Sharing Ideas.

The first step in our process is listening. Our clients know their aims, objectives and audience; our job is to transform this knowledge into a memorable experience. To do this we make certain to have all stakeholders at the table from the beginning. Through open dialogue and discussion with our clients, we involve our designers, writers, engineers and programmers early on to collaborate and create meaningful solutions that address our client’s objectives. Our brainstorming sessions are think tanks for the unimagined as we bring to life our next project in an open and welcoming environment.

Telling Stories, Together.

As an agency with decades of experience in media and filmmaking, we see each project through the lens of storytelling. We use narrative as a tool to create moving, emotional experiences and collaborate with our clients to make certain they hit their target audiences.

Inclusive Design.

Accessibility and inclusivity are the essence of our designed experiences. We aim to build equitable and inclusive spaces for everybody, not only to enhance the number of people with access to our work, but to enrich the story for everyone who participates.

Technology as a Tool.

We believe technology is a tool for storytelling, but just like any problem that needs fixing, it's making sure you're using the right tool for the job.

In the words of founding partner Abigail Honor: " I don't think that we should be slaves to technology, but I think we should be aware of how they help us tell stories and also creatively think about how to tell stories in a new way."

Powerful Results Through
Transformative Experiences.

We’re a results-oriented agency with an experience-first approach. We believe that impactful experiences lead to client satisfaction and achieve business objectives. We love a challenge and partner best with clients looking to push the envelope and get noticed.