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Post-WWII Period

Following a previously successful collaboration, the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center approached Lorem Ipsum with a new challenge — to reimagine the part of its permanent exhibition dedicated to the story of the Soviet Jews from 1945 through the late 1960s. During this time, moments of hope after the end of World War II were quickly replaced by new waves of Stalin’s anti-Semitic repressions. Lorem Ipsum’s team of architects, designers, historians, writers, editors, and animators set out to build a series of narratives, highlighting the stories of important figures throughout the period.

“The nine storylines of the exhibition are as deep and nuanced as the historic events of the period,” wrote Lechaim Magazine.

The exhibition marries interactive museum technology, such as panels and immersive media environments, with recreated period spaces, like a full-scale replica of a jail cell in the KGB headquarters.

Since the opening, the exhibition has been described as “one of the most expressive and honest museum exhibitions dedicated to the story of the mass repressions in the USSR” by The Art Newspaper. 

Yan Vizinberg, a partner at Lorem Ipsum, accepts the Fiddler on the Roof award for the company’s work on the project.

Lorem Ipsum’s work also received the Fiddler on the Roof award by The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FJCR), which recognizes outstanding achievement for contributing to the social and cultural life of the country.


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