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Objects of Desire

Lorem Ipsum brought the holiday spirit to life for Ralph Lauren’s 12-part Instagram episodes: “Objects of Desire.”  The campaign showcases seasonal gifts “wrapped” in an invisible box and golden ribbon. Lorem Ipsum created a virtual environment and modeled a ribbon that unfurled to create the illusion of the box being unwrapped.

Lorem Ipsum’s work on the Ralph Lauren Instagram feed.

Lorem Ipsum was on set for the video shoot to advise on camera angles and movement, lens choices, lighting, and tracking while filming the “Ricky” bag, chunky chain cuff, and “Ralph Lauren: 50 Years” book to ensure that the captured footage translates seamlessly into the post-production workflow.

Once all elements were captured in the studio, Lorem Ipsum’s team of CG artists built a virtual set to recreate the filmed objects and to model the CG ribbon. By modeling the entire scene, Lorem Ipsum was able to light, animate and render real-world objects and modeled objects at once, thereby marrying the two worlds together.

Together, the videos were viewed online over 150,000 times and were an instrumental and engaging part of the Ralph Lauren campaign.

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