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Matters of Experience, new podcast with Abigail Honor and Brenda Cowan

Published on SEGD.ORG on 10.20.2022

New York, October 11, 2022 – Lorem Ipsum, the award-winning experience design agency is thrilled to announce their new podcast, Matters of Experience: https://loremipsumcorp.com/matters-of-experience/ . Matters of Experience covers the wide world of experience design and is aimed to appeal to people in the design, architecture and museum industry, but can be enjoyed by any podcast fan, and includes such notable guests as Sina Bahram of Prime Access Consulting, Joy Bailey-Bryant from Lord Cultural Resources and John Falk, the Executive Director of the Institute for Learning Innovation. The podcast discusses hot topics in the industry from a wide range of perspectives including the metaverse, museums and war and why bathroom design in a museum is more significant than you think.

Matters of Experience is off to a flying start with its first three episodes diving into the differences between exhibition versus experience, accessibility in design, and project collaboration when working with multiple partners.

Abigail Honor says, “this podcast deals with work and triumphs we encounter in our industry, on a daily basis.”

To listen to the most recent episode of the show, check out Matters of Experience on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

About the podcast: Matters of Experience is a podcast dedicated to experience design featuring a full season of episodes with expert guests. You can see all their episodes on Lorem Ipsum’s website.

About the hosts: Abigail Honor is a founding partner at Lorem Ipsum, an award-winning experiential design agency, and has over 23 years of experience in storytelling through physical and digital design. She has crafted dynamic and inspiring narratives for global brands, companies and institutions, using cutting-edge technology to communicate compelling and thoughtful messages. Abby has won multiple design, film and directing awards such as the SEGD Honor Award, HOW International Design Award, Muse Award, to name a few, and maintains affiliation with associations including SEGD, AIGA, and the American Advertising Federation

Co-host, Brenda Cowan is a professor and former Chairperson of Graduate Exhibition & Experience Design at SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology. Brenda is a Fulbright Scholar in the disciplines of museums and mental health, and her theory of Psychotherapeutic Object Dynamics (2015) has been presented for the American Alliance of Museums; Museums of Hope; MidAtlantic Association of Museums; National Museums of World Culture, Sweden; and has been published with the National Association for Museum Exhibition; Society for Environmental Graphic Design; O Magazine; and Huffington Post Science. She is currently co-editing a volume on the subject of flourishing in museums.

To contact Matters of Experience for an interview or other inquiries, email jean-pierre.dufresne@loremipsumcorp.com.

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