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Ghost – Snap AR’s Innovation Lab

MagicMirror, created in partnership with Snap and Verizon 5G, is an AR solution designed for both retailers and in-store shoppers. Using Snap’s advanced mapping technologies, Lorem Ipsum created a one-of-a-kind retail experience – a Lens that allows the customer to try-on multiple versions of the same shirt, reducing the wasted time from trips back to racks, creating a swift and seamless purchase flow, and improving the fitting room experience. The Lens also reduces retailers’ footprints and physical inventory while increasing overall sales.

The Trouble with Trying On

For in-store shopping, the fitting room experience is broken. Waiting in lines makes the fitting room an undesirable stop on the customer journey, with up to 20% of people walking away when they get too long. The lack of fitting room help is a key reason shoppers avoid trying on items before making a purchase.

AR experiences exist that allow users to “try-on” shoes, hats, and other accessories, but unrealistic and cartoonish designs and overlays leave customers feeling uninspired and are only effective for sharing with friends rather than as a purchasing tool.

Reinventing the Fitting Room

MagicMirror perfectly matches the color of the physical shirt with what the user sees in the Snap Lens. This capability is integral to improving the shopping experience and enabling shoppers to confidently purchase virtual try-on products, as customers don’t want to be surprised with a different color shirt when they get a hold of the physical item.

A Prototype to Push Boundaries

Our mission as storytellers is to use the latest technologies to create captivating experiences, whether in the digital or physical world. MagicMirror was created in collaboration with Snap’s Innovation Lab to push the boundaries and leverage the most advanced capabilities in Snapchat Lens Studio, adding a layer of realism and utility to the social app that otherwise focused on funny content and face filters.

With 60% of purchase decisions made in the fitting room, Magic Mirror is the ideal solution for retailers and shoppers alike.

More Work

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