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From Perestroika to Our Times

The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center opened in Moscow in November 2012 and is thought to be the largest Jewish museum in the world. Lorem Ipsum was tapped to create media for an exhibition covering the era of Perestroika and the democratic decade that followed it. How to express the transformation of a nation? By transforming the space itself.

Lorem Ipsum created a film for a unique 180-degree panoramic screen experience that takes the seated viewer backwards into the physical space of the theater as it slowly expands in size.

In “From Perestroika to Our Days,” prominent members of the Russian and Jewish communities tell the story of the Jewish people from then to now, supplemented by archival footage and animated graphics. The viewer is physically and emotionally moved as they begin to understand the incredible opportunity and quality of life that came with the introduction of democracy.

The experience has become especially significant for the museum and is one its most popular exhibits.

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