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Creator Academy Community Guidelines

After previously successful collaborations with Lorem Ipsum, YouTube approached us to create a video about content guidelines for the platform’s Creator Academy. The Creator Academy is a one-stop-shop for vlogging resources, including how-to’s on video production, tips to grow a following, analytics explanations, and more.

The project presented a set of unique challenges to overcome. In this case, YouTube needed to ensure the video spoke to its four freedoms—expression, belonging, information, and opportunity—while adhering to ethical, brand and community guidelines. While the platform prohibits unnecessary grotesque or sexually explicit images, it makes exceptions for newsworthy items as well as educational, documentary, scientific and artistic pieces. Understanding and conceptualizing the notion of context was key in the agency’s initial creative brainstorming.

Post-Production Supervisor Stephen Maneri talks through the project’s storyboards.

Next, Lorem Ipsum needed to tackle the idea of universality. Because YouTube is global, the video needed to be understood by and resonate with people regardless of age, language or gender.

Our solution was to tell the message through an animated character. To portray and perfect its movements, our team watched countless videos of humans doing the action depicted by the character and replicated it for the animation.

All scenarios in the video were adapted from YouTube’s written content creation guidelines and tackled with levity while also clearly and strongly communicating what is and what isn’t OK to post on YouTube.

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